Amazing Grazing: Installation of Pasture Management Demonstration Site

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amazinggrazingOn April 23, cattleman Stan Bryson near Glenville and the NCSU Extension Animal Science Unit “Amazing Grazing” worked together on installing a pasture management demonstration site. Seventeen (17) cattlemen and resource agency personnel participated in the demonstration field day and learned how to set up a rotational grazing program for a small cattle operation, which will improve the following:

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NCSU Pasture Specialist teaching soil health

Improved Profitability – Haying is one of the most expensive activities we undertake on livestock farms. Let the cows be your baler and keep your cows on pasture longer throughout the year.

Improved Animal Health and Well Being – Good pasture management including rotational grazing improves temperament of the animals.

Improved Environmental Sustainability – Improving your grazing management improves natural resources, which improves soil health to grow better grass that is more nutritious.

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Pastures demonstration with temporary electric fencing

Later in August or September another demonstration field day will occur at that the Stan Bryson Farm to determine how successful the rotational grazing worked, as well as start stockpiling for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

If you are interested and/or want more information on the “Amazing Grazing Pasture Management” program please contact County Extension Director, Robert J. Hawk at 586-4009 or 488-3848; We are looking for more additional demonstration sites, especially in Swain County.

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Installing temporary electric fencing for dividing