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The Jackson and Swain County Extension received Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Grant Funds through the regional Resource Conservation and Development (RC & D) for the purchase of cattle working equipment. This equipment will help you and your herd if used properly, because cattle producers have long recognized the importance of proper livestock management. These practices impact cattle health, welfare, and productivity as well as enhance beef quality and producer profitability.

Cattle can be gathered with this equipment to perform routine husbandry procedures such as veterinary care; weighing; sorting; weaning; and transportation to and from pastures and livestock markets. Handling procedures can be made more safe for the cattle and caretakers and cause as little stress as possible if cattle handling facilities are properly used. The “Beef Quality Assurance’s – Producer Code of Cattle Care” is that producers take pride in their responsibility to properly care for their cattle, which includes providing facilities that allow safe, humane, and efficient movement and/or restraint of livestock while working with them.

The limit of use is based on job, but not to exceed 7 days; for example, if checked out on a Friday, then equipment needs to be returned by 4:30 PM the following Friday. Exception – Grazing Fence Kit is for 3-month period – for example, August 15 – November 15.

Payment is for each equipment item: Cattle Squeeze Chute; Corral System with trailer; Calf Table; Palp/AI Cage and Amazing Grazing Electric Fence Kit. Most all the equipment will be in by late January.

Squeeze Chute……………………… $40

Corral System w/ trailer………….. $50

Calf Table……………………………. $20

Palp/AI Cage………………………… $20

Amazing Grazing Kit……………… $50

The Jackson and Swain Extension please asks that all the equipment used be returned clean and in proper working order for the next person. Please contact Robert J. Hawk at 586-4009 or 488-3848 for use of the cattle equipment.

Below are a few pictures of the New Cattle Chute in action at the Burrell Farm in Tuckaseegee. Pictures are off “Frank Burrell and Virginia Mulligan and their family vaccinating their cattle on December 29, 2016.” TVA Agriculture and Forestry Grant paid for this new Priefert Squeeze Chute through our regional RC & D Council.

Chute Image-Burrell FarmChute Image - Burrell Farm Chute Image-Burrell Farm

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Photo of Rob Hawk, IIRob Hawk, IICounty Extension Director, Jackson and Swain Counties (828) 586-4009 robert_hawk@ncsu.eduJackson County, North Carolina
Updated on Jan 11, 2017
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