Why Your Child Should Attend a Sleep-Over Summer Camp

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children in canoesSending your child to a sleep-away camp for the summer is a major decision. For some youth, this may be their first time away from home without a parent and that can be intimidating and scary. Here at 4-H, we want to give youth all the benefits of a summer camp experience, but do so with just one week away from home instead of the typical 6 or 7 weeks of other traditional summer camps. This is a perfect scenario for your child to become more independent and confidant where they can face their fears and overcome adversity in a safe place all while making life long friends and memories they will cherish forever.

One of the most beneficial results of attending 4-H camp happens when you stretch the social, emotional and cognitive muscles away from family. Youth will become independent and confidant. They will learn to form bonds with other youth and caring adults, a very important aspect of youth development some don’t get to experience until adulthood themselves. While at camp, youth learn to live and play together. They end up caring for one another so they develop a sense of community that encourages them to relate, connect and emphasize with others. Youth are able to observe non familial role models and practice leadership skills. They will be given leadership roles and responsibilities like being song leader, team captain, or flag raiser.

4-H summer camp will make a lasting impact on those who attend and they will want to return to camp year after year. Kids who attend camp will come home a little more grown up than they were when they left. They will become better critical thinkers and problem solvers. Camp will inspire them to be innovative and instill in them a desire to make a difference. Going to camp means kids will get outside for one whole week this summer. They will embrace the natural environment and learn to appreciate it. Attending 4-H Camp will help your child become the leader they are destined to be.

Swain 4-H will be attending Summer Camp twice this year:

Cloverbud Camp
July 1-3, 2018
For Cloverbud aged youth (aged 5-8)
Millstone 4-H Camp – Ellerbe, NC
Cost is $85 with scholarship money applied

Campers will experience activities like: swimming, arts & crafts, hiking, canoeing, kayaking during the day, and shows & games in the evenings. Camp pace is  designed for high energy levels and short attention spans. 

  • High Youth to Counselor Ratio
  • Cafeteria-style meals are served
  • Camp Store open in the afternoons
  • Cabins sleep 11 (2 showers and 2 restrooms)
  • Campers grouped by age for activities & lodging

Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Camp
July 8-13, 2018
For youth aged 8-14
Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Camp, Reidsville, NC

Cost for traditional (ages 8-12) is $320 with scholarship money applied
Adventurer (ages 12-13) is $320 with scholarship money applied
Trekker camp is $340 with scholarship money applied

Camp offers activities like: archery, arts & crafts, campfires, cooking, high ropes, horseback riding, nature exploration, river canoeing, rock climbing, and swimming.

  • Activities divided into co-ed groups by age
  • Modern, 2-story cabins with single sex living quarters, multiple indoor showers and restroom facilities
  • Cabins houses up to 26 with 3 counselors per cabin 
  • Menu’s served family-style 3 times per day with snacks and juice served mid-morning and evenings
  • Camp Store open in the afternoon
  • If you are interested in sending your child to 4-H summer camp, contact us ASAP – space is limited and is on a first come first served basis.

children on a dockIf you are a local resident or business and would like to donate towards or sponsor a youth to attend 4-H summer camp, please let us know. Any small amount will help in a big way.

Contact the Swain County Cooperative Extension located at 60 Almond School Road, or call 488-3848 to enroll in 4-H or to volunteer with the program.

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Remember, enrolling in 4-H is free! For more information about 4-H opportunities email Jennifer Hill, 4-H Agent at jrhill9@ncsu.edu.