Swain County Fair – A Fun Experience for Youth, Families, & Community

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When you think about a county fair you may find yourself cracking a smile recalling memories of fun experiences you had as a child. The importance of county fairs dates back to a time when rural folks loved to get together and celebrate. It’s a time of festivity where youth and community members gather together to display their best harvest and crafts, along with enjoying long-lasting relationships and traditions. An air of anticipation, excitement, and high energy surround people of all ages during a county fair. Youth and adults alike are drawn together to rekindle friendships, to be together as families, and to show off their achievements. Communities are inspired by the efforts of volunteers who work together to create a cohesive atmosphere that defines a county fair.

boy with sheepExperiencing a county fair allows youth who participate in livestock projects to balance fun with practicing communication skills, appreciate competition, learn independence and how to handle issues that come up in life. For example, showing livestock has show time deadlines that need to be met. A county fair provides opportunities for each young person to get feedback on their project not only in livestock but in other areas such as: artwork, displaying vegetables from the garden, and more! Of course, there’s no fun, mentoring or offering feedback unless there are volunteers and parents helping everyone be successful. It takes a “village” to make a fair happen and help youth gain important life skills from the fair experience.

Benefits of a County Fair

women with a childA county fair is a community celebration that brings folks together each year. Citizens come together to socialize, meet new people, learn and enjoy good local food and entertainment.

Through contests, exhibits, shows, and entertainment, there are so many different things to see and do at the county fair. You can check out the quilts, canned goods, artwork, or gardening and crop exhibits to see the fruits of labor that was achieved throughout the year.

A county fair is an excellent opportunity to learn and try new things. Exhibits and entertainment provide life lessons to all who come to enjoy them each year. It’s always so much fun to look through everything and gain new knowledge. Because everyone remembers fun, they remember friends, and they remember what they’ve learned. These are the most important values of the county fair and its impact on our local community.

What You Can Do to Help with the Swain County Fair?

pumpkinsBecome an Exhibitor – Many people don’t realize or think about the fact that they can bring their interest and talent to the fair as an exhibit. The more exhibits the better as folks love to come to the fair to see things. So, check out our Swain County Fair website to see what you can do to become an exhibitor or to set up an education booth.

Get Involved & Volunteer – Time is precious but volunteering your time at the county fair is time well spent. Helping out will enable you to make new acquaintances, discover new opportunities, see the other side why things are the way they are and unearth the county fair’s importance.

Invite Others to Exhibit & Help Them

Do you have a friend who is a gifted crafter or has amazing artwork? Invite them to showcase their talents at the fair. Tell them about opportunities at the fair and help them learn how to be an exhibitor.

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