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1st row: Breckyn Cochran; 2nd row: Brylee Shuler, Reagyn Cochran, Adison Shuler, Kazandra Cooper, Lia Lallo; 3rd row: Dee Decker, Lindsi Cauley, Scarlett Stephenson, Kerry Cannon, Cynthia Pawley-Martin, PattiJo Taylor, Edith Dingle, Emma Dingle

Clogging has been a part of Appalachian Mountain traditions for centuries. Clogging has progressed throughout the years to include various steps and styles. There are also different levels of clogging including beginner, intermediate and competition.

The Swain County Cooperative Extension is proud to support the 4-H youth clogging program and the Tangled Feet Stompers adult program. We  offer a great opportunity to be involved in this energetic dance form.

To promote and maintain the rich and colorful Appalachian heritage, our clogging classes focus on traditional clogging which includes steps that have a unique drag slide movement.

Our team leader and instructor, Kerry Cannon, volunteers countless hours each week choreographing routines, providing instruction and keeping our team motivated!

The 4-H youth clogging program has been active since 2012. Currently, this club has over 20 youth who participate in varying levels of clogging from beginner to competition. The 4-H Youth Clogging club officers are:

  • Brylee Shuler, President
  • Adison Shuler, Vice-President
  • Reagyn Cochran, Secretary
  • Kazanda Cooper, Treasurer

There are several opportunities for our dancers to showcase their talents. Our recreational clogging group consists of all level dancers ranging in ages 3 to 75 years old and can often be seen performing at local venues and events. For those dancers who are looking for more of challenge, there is the option to move to the next level and join the competition team.

During the year, the Tangled Feet Stompers youth and adult competition teams entered various clogging competitions throughout the region. While the dancers make the routines look easy, competing at the this level requires a lot of practice, persistence and dedication.

On Saturday, August 31, the Tangled Feet Stompers competed at the U.S.A. National Clogging Championship in Nashville, Tennessee, a National Clogging and Hoedown Council (NCHC) sanctioned clogging competition.

The NCHC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of old time square dancing and clogging. The NCHC sanctions clogging competitions throughout the United States each year where clogging teams and individual dancers can qualify to compete in the U.S.A. National Clogging Championship.

The Tangled Feet Stompers youth team won second place in the Traditional Recreational Masters Pee Wee category and the adult team won first place in the Traditional Recreational Masters Adult category. Edith Dingle won first place in the Choreographed Solo Amateur Adult category.