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Farm Product Exhibits Information

Exhibitor Details

Adult & Youth (8-18 years) Categories 

  • All farm product exhibits are to be entered Saturday morning from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. at the Swain County Fair Grounds.
  • All Farm product exhibits will be judged on Saturday morning after 9:00 a.m.
  • It is best to bring products personally to the fair contact who will help you arrange products in most attractive way possible.
  • Plates will be furnished for exhibits but not containers. The number of specimens for each plate display is specified in the category list below.
  • Exhibitors should choose one class to exhibit each of their farm products.
  • Wrap fruits and vegetables separately and pack firmly in box to avoid bruising. Label each variety plainly and place dividers to keep varieties separated.
  • To sign-up your exhibit & questions contact Christy Bredenkamp, NCSU Extension Horticulture Agent at phone #: (828) 488-3848 or e-mail
  • All exhibits unclaimed will be given away or thrown away at the end of Fair hours.

Quality not Quantity

In selecting farm products for exhibit, choose only those specimens that are uniformly of good quality, form, color, true to type and free of all insect and disease blemishes and free from cuts and bruises.

Ribbons will be awarded mainly on the basis of quality. Products should be exhibited as neatly as possible in their natural state. For apple exhibits, it’s helpful not to knock or shake fruit from the tree, but pick each specimen by hand, taking care not to pull out the stem.

Adult & Youth Categories (8-18 years)


  1. Tomatoes
    1. Standard Red type ~ plate of 3
    2. Specialty color ~ plate of 3
  2. Peppers – Bell ~ best of plate of 3 same color
  3. Corn
    1. Tallest Stalk with ear
    2. Best of 5 ears of same color
  4. Pumpkins ~ largest
  5. Beans
    1. Greasy Bean ~ best plate of 12
    2. Green Beans ~ plate of 12
  6. Cucumbers ~ plate of 5
  7. Potatoes ~ plate of 3 uniform size and color
  8. Summer Squash ~ plate of 3
  9. Pumpkins ~ best of 1
  10. Watermelon ~ best of 1


  1. Apples ~ best of plate of 5 apples same color

Honey Extracted

  1. Light ~ 3 jars (not less then 14 oz.)
  2. Dark ~ 3 jars (not less then 14 oz.)


  1. Brown ~ best of dozen
  2. White ~ best of dozen


  1. Floral Arrangement ~ open

Other – which can be any vegetables, fruits, berries and flowers (annuals, perennials, roses, dahlias, etc.), not listed above.