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QUILTS – Judging Information Sheet

All Quilt Entries must be received at the Swain County Cooperative Extension office between Monday, August 12 and Tuesday, August, 13. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All entries must be received during this time. No exceptions.

Quilt entries will be judged before Saturday, August 17, 2019 and will be displayed with the winning ribbons at the Swain County Fair.

It is best to bring products personally to the fair contact who will help arrange the products in the most attractive way possible.

Quilts must be picked up at the end of the Swain County Fair hours before 6:00 p.m. or at the Swain County Extension Office on Monday, August 19 – Wednesday August 21.

You are encouraged to place your quilt in a clear plastic bag for temporary storage to prevent any dust or dirt smudges during judging and transportation.


    • Is the quilt pleasing to look at and touch?
    • Does it have a special quality that makes it attractive?
    • Is the quilt free of loose threads or knots?
    • Is it clean?
    • Does it have a label on the back for identification of the maker and the date?
    • Have the design principles of rhythm and balance been used?
    • Is there good use of light and darks?
    • Does the fabric grain, if noticeable, affect the design in a pleasing way?
    • Does the fabric show unity – Is there a balance of variety and uniformity?
    • Do the borders, binding, and other finishing parts, enhance the overall appearance?
    • Do the color work well together?
    • Is there color access to give the design movement and interest?
    • Are the colors appropriate for the use of the piece?
    • Does the backing complement or harmonize with the other colors in the quilt?
    • Is the fabric weave and fiber type appropriate for the use?
    • Will the materials used withstand the type of cleaning needed to remain useful?
    • Do the materials go well together, not only color wise but according to type.
    • Does the quilting or tie pattern support the batting enough to keep it from bunching or distorting when the quilt is used or cleaned?
    • Does the quilting or tying enhance the design?
    • Is the quilting or tying planned so it fits properly in the spaces?
    • Does the quilting enrich and add quality of the quilt?
    • Do all the points and corners meeting precisely in the patchwork?
    • If appliquéd, are all the curves smoothly done?
    • Is the appliqué stitching either a complement to the design or unnoticeable?
    • Are the seams flat and pressed neatly?
    • Are seams free of bumps and bulk?
    • Does the construction seem strong enough to last the life of the quilt?
    • Is the patchwork free of holes or spaces where seams are incomplete?
    • Are the quilting stitches evenly spaced over the whole quilt, both back and front?
    • Are the straight lines straight and the curved lines smooth?
    • If it is tied, is the tie pattern uniform over the entire quilt?
    • If it is tied, are the knots secure?
    • If there are embellishments, such as buttons, or lace, are they attached securely, and do they add to the attractiveness?
    • Is the binding free of puckers and ripples?
    • Are the stitches even in width and uniformly full of filler?
    • Are the corners of the binding neatly done and square?
    • Does the quilt lie or hang flat and square, without ripples or lumps?


2460       Bed Quilts, Appliquéd
2461       Bed Quilts, Pieced
2462       Bed Quilts, Mixed Techniques
2463       Baby Quilts
2464       Machine Quilted, free motion or hand guided by self
2465       Machine Quilted, free motion or hand guided by another
2466       Other

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