Weed ID Wednesday: Vetch – June 3, 2020

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Join our Livestock Agent, Kendra Fortner, on Wednesdays for our “Weed ID Wednesday” and learn about weeds we are seeing in pastures and hayfields.

Featured weed: Vetch (Common and Hairy)Weed ID Wednesday - Vetch

  • Erect herbaceous perennial, often acting as a winter annual.
  • Roots are fibrous from shallow taproot, flowers are purple.
  • Typically remain somewhat dormant during winter, resume growth and produce seed in the spring and die as temperatures increase in later spring and early summer.
  • 2020 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual

For more information or treatment recommendations, contact:
Kendra Fortner
Jackson and Swain County Livestock Agent
(828) 586-4009