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Swain County 4-H Clubs

Interested in being part of 4-H?

Joining a club is a great way for youth to get started!! Call 488-3848 for more information on where to begin!


Bullets and Bows 4-H Club - Generic4-H Livestock Club Meeting June 74-H Garden Club2021 Swain County Fair

Bullets & Bows 4-H Club

Bullets and Bows 4-H Club - Generic

For Ages 9-18

Volunteer Club Leaders: Patti Jo Taylor & Justin Fisher
Extension 4-H Agent: Kyla-Jo Farmer

Certified Instructors:

  • Archery: Patti Jo Taylor and Shannon Taylor
    • Rifle: Jason Hoyle, Jeff Shuler, and Justin Fisher

2021 begins year number four of the Bullets and Bows 4-H Club! Youth ages 9-18 have the opportunity to learn the safe and responsible way to handle and use rifles and archery equipment. Weekly club meetings are led by trained and certified volunteer instructors. These weekly meetings alternate between rifle and archery. Youth participating in rifle and archery also have the option of competing at district and state shooting sports competitions. Call 488-3848 for more information.

UPCOMING MEETING: June 10 from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m., Smoky Mountain Bait & Tackle. Archery Practice

4-H Livestock Club

4-H Livestock Club Meeting June 7

If you love farm animals, want to learn about livestock, how to judge livestock or how to show livestock, we would love to have you join our Livestock Club. You do not need to own livestock to participate in this club. Meeting locations may vary.Call 488-3848 for more information.

Ages: 5 – 18  (9 18 for competition related activities)
Second Monday of Each Month
Times and Locations May Vary

Volunteer Club Leader: Patti Jo Taylor
Extension 4-H Agent: Kyla-Jo Farmer

UPCOMING MEETING: July 12 from 4:00 p.m.  – 5:00 p.m., Swain County Cooperative Extension

4-H Vegetable Garden Club

4-H Garden Club

Do you enjoy gardening? Do you want to learn how to grow your own vegetables? Do you want to learn more about food preservation and canning? 

Club Information:

  • All supplies for your garden spot will be provided
  • Tend and care for your garden spot at your convenience
  • Attend club meetings to learn and practice food preservation techniques
  • Document your progress and successes in your record book
  • Harvest entries for the Swain County Fair
  • Garden spots and vegetable growth will be judged and PRIZE money will be awarded

Ages: 5 – 18

Volunteer Club Leader: Patti Jo Taylor
Extension Agents: Kyla-Jo Farmer, 4-H Agent and Dee Decker, FCS Agent

4-H Tangled Feet Stompers

Clogging for all ages 2021Swain County 4-H’s youth clogging group! Join this fun energetic group of young people and learn some new clogging steps. Youth will also have the opportunity to participate in local clogging events and activities to show off their skills!

For youth ages: 5 – 18
Clogging Instructors: Kerry Cannon, Volunteer & Dee Decker, Extension FCS Agent

Extension 4-H Agent: Kyla-Jo Farmer

Clogging is FREE and meets on Tuesdays in the SCC – Swain Center auditorium.

  • 4:00 p.m.: Youth Competition Team Practice – start back date TBA

  • 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.:  Adult Clogging

Call Dee Decker at 488-3848 for more information.

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4-H Clover

Participation in 4-H activities helps youth gain assets critical to positive youth development: character, connection, caring, competence, confidence and enable them to contribute to their communities through service and leadership.

If your child is interested in joining 4-H, please call 488-3848 or come by our office for more information.

Check out Swain County 4-H on Facebook – for the most up-to-date happenings!!

4-H ONLINE and Enrollment

2021 4-H Online Enrollment

4-H Enrollment is now online! Go to: to enroll your child in 4-H today! It’s quick and easy, and no more paper forms!