I’m Just Here for the Pie!

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Pies tell a story like no other and bring back mouthwatering memories. Pies remind us of holiday gatherings, summer picnics and autumn spices. You are probably thinking of a favorite memory from your childhood about a delicious pie and maybe the person responsible for making it. Fond memories form in our minds with delicious sweet scents and happy recollections from days gone by.

There are many varieties of homemade pies it can be difficult to pick a favorite. Thanks to everyone who submitted a pie recipe, photo and fond memory in the Sweetie Pie Recipe contest. We received entries from:

  • Darien (4-H) – Cherry Glazed Chocolate Torte
  • Sophie (4-H)- Homemade Apple Pie with Homemade Crust
  • Margaret and Madison (4-H) – Mom’s Chocolate Pie
  • Francine – Awesome Chocolate Pie
  • Sandy – Coconut Pie
Sophie's Apple Pie

Sophie Matz, age 15 4-Her):Homemade Apple Pie with Homemade Crust

Sophie Matz, age 15, created one of the most beautiful apple pies. Check out the picture, we have included and we know you will agree with us. We are looking forward to duplicating this beautiful apple pie.

Sophie shared with us, ” I chose this pie because every summer my dad and I go on a daddy daughter week long kayak trip. This homemade apple pie is always at the top of the packing list. I chose the rose design to represent nature. Many great memories are made every summer around the camp fire while eating this apple pie.” 

Madison's Pie

Madison Baker’s (4-Her): Mom’s Chocolate Pie

Margaret Varner, and her granddaughter, Madison Baker, did not let distance interfere with them being a part of the Sweetie Pie Recipe Challenge. Margaret explains, “… after seeing the 4-H pie contest in the local newspaper, I decided that my granddaughter and I could enjoy the challenge together. However, there were several obstacles, Madison lives in Florida and I am much better at teaching how to bake a pie than baking a pie! Zoom to the rescue! Madison and I decided that she did want to make a pie, so I chose one of my mother’s recipes, a simple chocolate pie that was always a hit with the family. The experience was so much that that next Sunday, we’ll be making mom’s Grated Apple Pie.”

Thanks to everyone who entered the Sweetie Pie Recipe contest and check out our website at swain.ces.edu for upcoming events.

Sweetie Pie Recipe Contest Entries